Leamington Christadelphians

Due to a recent attack on our website, we have had to put up a holding page.

About Us

The Christadelphians in Leamington are ordinary people from all sorts of different backgrounds. They are part of a world-wide community who prayerfully read the Bible daily, believing that it was written under inspiration of God's Holy Spirit. By "comparing scripture with scripture" they have come to believe the truth it contains.

They meet every week on Sunday to remember the Lord's sacrifice for their sins at a "breaking of bread" service of worship and praise. They have no paid ministry but run their services and activities themselves.

Christadelphians believe that none of their number past or present have received any special revelation direct from God. They have no link with other "Christian" bodies.

All expenses and costs incurred by our activities are covered voluntarily by Christadelphians themselves

You can also find out more information about us further down.

What's On

Our meetings are held weekly, at the Christadelphian Hall at 12a Kenilworth Rd.
You are welcome to all public meetings.

Our "Breaking of Bread" service is held at 10.50am each Sunday morning. This meeting is for Christadelphians to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus in bread and wine, as he commanded before he died.

Sunday evenings at 6:00pm talks are given on various aspects of fundamental Bible truth, such as the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to establish God's kingdom and the vital part the Jews have to play in God's purpose.

Wednesday night at 7.45pm, our "Bible Class" explores more detailed subjects.

All our meetings are subject to God's will.

Contact Us

Leamington Christadelphians
12a Kenilworth Road
CV32 5TL

You can dial this number below at any time to hear a short recorded message about a Bible subject: 024 7671 1063